Don’t Be a Slouch!

“Sit up straight!” Most of us probably had parents and teachers direct that timeless bit of advice to us as children. Well, it turns out that they were on to something! Good posture and how you hold your body is very important for many reasons.

Poor posture leads to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and decreased flexibility. Poor posture contributes to spinal degeneration, affects balance, performance and can also present digestion issues!

Good posture means keeping our bones and joints in correct alignment. By maintaining good alignment, muscles are being used properly and most efficiently. That efficiency can prevent fatigue because the body is using less energy. Good posture can improve circulation, make breathing easier and can better protect the spine. And let’s not forget that good posture projects a more confident image and helps us appear younger and slimmer!

So, how can we improve posture? The most important step to improving posture is to be aware of it. It might even be helpful to set a periodic alarm on your phone to remind you to do a posture check. While sitting at a desk, keep both feet flat on the floor. Don’t cross your legs and keep the shoulders relaxed. While standing, keep your shoulders back and pull your stomach in. Make yourself as tall as possible!

Other ways we can improve our posture include strengthening core muscles, maintaining a healthy weight and wearing supportive footwear.

With a mindful attitude, you will soon be enjoying the benefits of your improved posture!

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