BEMER Technology in Greenwich, CT

BEMER Technology in Greenwich, Connecticut

The Center for Health Renewal offers BEMER technology!  BEMER is a non-invasive, relaxing treatment that can change your health. We invite you to try this newest technology – your first session for no charge, just call us to schedule.

It is said that this 16 minute relaxing treatment is a “fountain of youth.” Our patients love it!

BEMER is currently in cooperation with NASA to develop a space suit utilizing BEMER technology. It is recognized as FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device (Class 2 Pending, next 6 months); Five Worldwide Patents-International Science Awards. Peer-reviewed research can be found at

The amazing BEMER enhances:

General Blood Flow, Immune Response, The Body’s Nutrient & Oxygen Supply and Waste Disposal, Cardiovascular Function, Physical Fitness, Strength and Energy, Concentration, Mental Acuity, Stress Reduction and Relaxation, and Sleep Quality

BEMER Therapeutic Effects:

  • Modulates Inflammation
  • Reduces pain and edema
  • Improves blood flow
  • Promotes tissue repair
  • Promotes organ regeneration
  • Improves wound care outcomes
  • Improves neurological function
  • Improves cardiac function
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves performance
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Enhances well-being
  • Supports detoxification

Only good, functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen as well as proper waste removal within the body.

Dr. Rainer Klopp, world-renowned physician and head of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, has researched this science for many years and has seen no other technology work as effectively as the BEMER.

BEMER takes just 8 minutes twice per day to enhance the body’s performance of its vital functions. 

As noted by BEMER Group:

Over one million people all over the world are already using BEMER today!

BEMER applications boost the blood flow thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. Imagine being better tomorrow than you are today. Day to day life in our manic, civilized world represents an enormous challenge to our metabolism.
Schedules bursting at the seams, city life without room for serenity, the constant worry of balancing the different aspects of our lives are a main cause of our ever-growing mental and physical discomfort. Needless to say, the more efficiently your metabolism performs, the lower the risk of overtaxing your system.

The heart pumps blood through the main arteries, but it relies on the additional power of the autonomous pumping motion of the microvessels.
It is these very small vessels that reach the most remote parts of our body. Without this microvessel track driving, most of our cells would be denied the nutrients required to function. They would drown in their own waste without the blood flow to cleanse them. This is fundamental for all metabolic processes. By these, our circulatory system also distributes hormones, immune cells, and other signaling molecules. And this is where BEMER devices come into play.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your own physician or healthcare provider if you have any medical issues. BEMER products are wellness and fitness systems. All information is for educational purposes only. Dr. C. Evers Whyte is an Independent Bemer Distributor. 


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